Containers for Change is a container return scheme in Queensland encouraging return of recyclable drinks containers. Their stated aim is to create a circular economy of commodities such as plastic and aluminium, by reaching an 85% return rate of every container packaging sold in the state.

Launched a few years ago, the scheme was experiencing a deceleration in momentum -  recruiting new users on the path to 85% was looking increasingly difficult. We worked with the executive team to understand the barriers to adoption and create a new behaviour change campaign intended to increase usage of the scheme.

As a quasi-government agency, working with Containers for Change demanded much of the strategic process to guide creative work through their decision making and approval processes. The following 'Super summary' became instrumental in ensuring stakeholders across the organisation had a single reference point - a North Star - to guide us towards the outcome and get work in market. 

The campaign launched with a hero film to prime audiences on the emotional benefit of returning containers to donate. It tells the story from the perspective of a young, community minded soccer player, and how she rallies her team mates together for a very worthy cause.

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